Essential Museum Etiquette in Australia

Every museum will have a few rules in place to ensure that exhibits and artworks are kept safe from harm. Here are a few basic etiquette rules to remember when visiting your nearest museum.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

It is good practice to walk through a museum with your hands folded behind your back. This shows that you respect the exhibit or artwork and that you have no intention of touching or damaging anything.

Practice a Safe Distance from The Art

Accidents can always happen even if you take every precaution not to touch an art piece. It is, therefore, wise to keep a safe distance from the art or items on display. In this way, you will still be at a safe distance if you happen to fall or stumble.

Don’t Lean on Walls or Exhibits

It can be easy to forget how fragile everything in the museum can be. It is safe not to touch any of the walls or even cases displaying valuable items in an exhibit. If you are talking to someone else, it may be tempting to lean against a wall or object, but this should be avoided.

Don’t Eat or Drink Inside

Hungry visitors may be tempted to have a drink or bite inside a museum, but this might get you kicked out of the establishment if you are not careful. Museum caretakers and cleaners spend a lot of time keeping exhibits clean and hygienic. It is better to have your food or drink outside the museum.

Behave Yourself and Be Respectful

The museum is not a place for running around or shouting at your spouse. It is advised that visitors to a museum should always act courteously and respect museum staff. This helps to ensure that everyone inside the museum can enjoy their visit.

Photography is Not Allowed

Photography is illegal in most museums across the country. This is mostly because of legal reasons, and flash photography could ruin the experience for other visitors. Flash photography emits intense light that could damage paintings and delicate objects inside the museum.

Make sure to follow these basic etiquette rules when visiting a museum in Australia. Learn about the Burnie Regional Museum to find out more about the country’s rich cultural heritage.